Read what some of our members have to say abut their own personal experiences and the difference Troy MHA has made in their lives.

My name is Stephen Savage. I think about the club every Friday on the way out on the DART. I look forward to my night ahead. Years ago I used to be very competitive especially when it came to table tennis. I am not afraid to admit I hate losing, but I will say the Friday club has brought me along in leaps and bounds, it has changed my life. I would usually stay in my bedsit and feel quite useless. Now I have a great feeling about myself and self-worth.

My name is Derek Finglas. I come to the Troy Social Club every Friday night for over a year now. I look forward to Friday night as you can let yourself go and feel part of the group and people will like you for being yourself. I find everyone very friendly and I also like myself. I want to thank everyone there for giving me a great night as I used to sit in and watch television and feel quite bored as it was the weekend. Now I think Friday is the best day of the week. Thank you everybody.

Derek Finglas,

I love the club very much. I think it is a wonderful good thing. I love meeting everybody and have a good time especially the pool and table tennis. I love the computers. I come on the DART and can’t wait till I get there to meet everybody, the people are all very friendly and there is plenty to do. I always get there for 6 o’clock, the opening time as early as I can I just like to say what a great night.

John Rothanan,

Hi my name is Alan Dodd and I have been attending the Friday Dalkey club run by Declan and Anthony for a year and a half now.

To sum up – I absolutely love this club! I enjoy the fact that there is something to look forward to at the end of the week. As I had schizoaffective disorder a few years ago, and as my work is on the PC, I could easily become very isolated.

Sometimes I feel nervous about going but I push myself to go and always enjoy. As time has gone by, I am hardly nervous at all and as a result of mixing with people, my confidence has been helped. This in turn has helped my work and it is a virtuous cycle.

Either Ed McGeown or Anthony Doyle do a meet and greet and make you feel immediately at home. There are tea and coffee and excellent fresh sandwiches which is another example of how thoughtful Declan & Anthony are at running the club.

I really love competing at the pool and table tennis (not too seriously!) and even managed to beat Declan Kavanagh at pool on a recent occasion. I love the fact that club is in one of the best towns in Ireland, Dalkey. It really is enjoyable heading out there alone.

I have met a lot of new people through the club and I believe it to be a fantastic resource. In fact, you hear in the news all the time about the problems of isolation and I really believe clubs like this or a model for a successful antidote to this social problem.

In this age of social media, I believe we need to switch of the computers and phones and get back to real contact. The club sets me up for the weekend. I feel like I have had a good weekend just as it gets underway.

I cannot thank Declan Kavanagh and Anthony Doyle enough for their work in running the Dalkey Club so successfully every Friday.

Alan Dodd,

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