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Ever since I put my name down for this weekend for this weekend I have being looking forward to it and I was pleased when the day arrived. Seven of us met at bray dart station around 6pm we got a large taxi to the hostel we were staying in. I brought my guitar as requested. There were seventeen of us altogether and the others had gone down earlier by car to sort out the keys to the hostel and prepare the evening meal.

There were two dormitories one for the men and one for the women with three bunk beds each. There were also a twin room and some slept on the Sofia’s down stairs.

After settling in we all had chicken curry and rice enough to feed an army. The cooking over the weekend was very well organised and tasty. We also had soft drinks, non-alcoholic beer and as a special treat some delicious homemade baileys cream prepared by Declan. At dusk we were able to see the dear in the misty valley move towards the river to graze and drink.

On the first night we had a quiz hosed by Alan and lively game of poker until the early hours of the morning. However there was no chance of a lie on the next day as we got a strict wakeup call from Johanna for the fried breakfast!

After breakfast we went on a long walk to the GlenCree Reconciliation centre. The road was steep so I had to stop, so Declan picked us up and drove us to the centre. I bought post cards for my uncles Ivo and Donal. Ivo is a former founder of the Reconciliation centre.

On Saturday evening I led a sing song in which I was told was very enjoyable, it was certainly well supported.

On Sunday we had another strict early wake up call for breakfast and when we had eaten we tidied our rooms and got ready to leave.I enjoyed the weekend very much and look forward to going away the group again.

Ruth O’Sullivan,

My name is Johanna I enjoy going to Glencree it’s a nice break from city life quiet and peaceful and relaxing. I also enjoy walks in the lovely countryside, the meals are very good too and everyone gets on so well which is a good thing. I love to see the dear which are not too far away from us.


Hi my name is Dermot Kavanagh and I have being three times to glencree.

But time I go for two days, I find it too short, as I have such a good time I want it to go on forever.

It’s a very special place for me, the food is excellent and people seem in very good form. We had our own musician and she was brilliant. We listened and sang into the night.

I don’t get much chance to go away on holidays with my fellow friends and I just want to say thanks very much for everyone that made it happen.

Dermot Kavanagh,

Thank you friends

I’d like to begin to thank Declan Kavanagh and Anthony Doyle,For a splendid weekend spent in Glencree.

It was so special to share to share the weekend with some strangers now friends. Thanks for Declan for been chief and organiser. I bonded with people I would of not known for too long at the Friday club.

The beautiful lushful scenes, that surround us all, peaceful, green, and mountain tops, Sugar loaf and the lake.

A nice long walk to the lake and then on to the Reconciliation centre where we rested and ate buns And then back home to our farm cottage where it was nice and warm.

A bonfire on the sat night, our last night. The stars in the sky shine so bright. The differ from the city, perhaps country stars burn brighter. We packed on Sunday morning

Got ready to leave .Farewell to all friends. It was a weekend for all to gather together and share a past of each other to never forget and always remember like stars.

Gail Allen,

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