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2018 Day Trip to the Meetings of the Waters

Troy and Cairdeas Clubhouse joint day trip to the Meetings of the Waters. It was a fabulous day and worked very well. All had a great time. Looking forward to the next one.

2018 Respite Trip to Athlone

One of our outings was a visit to Clonmacnoise.



We’re delighted to thank Kieran Gough, who has completed the Brighton Marathon — raising £1,510 for Troy MHA!

Richard Magee, whom we all know at the Troy club, has had another book published. This book is entitled “Where were you Jesus?”. This follows up from his earlier book, “Mood Swings”. As Richard approaches his fifties, he reflects on his life and his illness. With an easy writing style, Richard shows how his sense of his humour got him through some dark times.

It’s an insight you don’t often get into a life with mental health issues. Richard has a great memory and is available to recall many anecdotes from his life.

The book was launched at our club in May, and is published by Austin & MacCauley. Please contact Declan at the number above for a copy of the book. If anyone wants to see Richard Magee been interviewed by Alan Dodd on YouTube just type in Richard Magee and it should come up.

World Mental Health Day Bingo At Troy Club

WE had a bingo bonanza Night at the Mindireland Troy Club on 10th October on World Mental Health Day. We had Three Dinners For Two worth fifty euros each and then the big prize holiday for two worth over four hundred euros and lots of other small prizes.

The big prize was won by a young couple Gemma and Ben, who were delighted with there prize. It was a fun night and everyone enjoyed them selves.

Thank You, Ragazzi’s!

A big shout out and thank you to Ragazzi’s restaurant for hosting our post-Christmas meal together last Thursday, January 17th 2013. With everyone sitting down at the same time, and around 40-50 of us, it was not a quiet Thursday there for them!

The pizzas were delicious (I sampled a few) and the desserts were quite simply mouth watering. Here is a few photos from the evening:-


We received a lovely poem written by Gail Allen who wanted to share it with everyone in Mind Ireland.

Here it is:-


Silence in the room,

Just one candle lit.

The light is radiant it’s Christmas

And we are all waiting.

Waiting for friends and relations.

Waiting for Santa.

But most of all we are waiting for him.

He promised he would come.

He did, he promised,

The light flickers,

He has come,

He has come.

Let us take him and make him warm.

He must be cold and hungry,

Feed him and light all the flames.

This year he comes again.

He must have walked for miles. No place at the inn, but he has found us.

I wonder does he know we have being waiting for him.

Blow out the candle now and let him slumber in a warm bed.

His for however long he wanted blankets, nice and warm, perfumed for him.

Love at its purest, him the greatest love of all.

Shine beyond all light. His beacon shines forth in this world. He’s in love with us all.


By Gail Allen.

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